PebbleCreek Kare Bears


One of the services provided by Kare Bears is to report the passing of a PebbleCreek RESIDENT  when we are notified.

We will  send an email on the passing of PebbleCreek RESIDENT on the PebbleCreek egroup and on the Kare Bears egroup with approval of a family member.

We do not send notifications for PAST RESIDENTS or relatives of residents.  This can be done on the PebbleCreek egroup by anyone familiar with the former resident or relative‚Äôs family.

Kare Bears does provide a food platter for the surviving family should they find a need for this.

A member of the Kare Bear team will call the surviving member to coordinate the death notice information and delivery of the platter.

 If you have questions on the process, please call the Kare Bears house at 536-1200.