PebbleCreek Kare Bears


Kare Bears Welcome
Linda Jo Orinski

We have just moved into the Pebble Creek Golf Resort community – and I had the pleasure of experiencing the “Kare Bears Welcome”!  I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for such a wonderful way to welcome a new homeowner into the community.  As a new homeowner, you would hope to make new friends and enjoy your surroundings and meet your neighbors!  Your home is such a big investment – where you would hope to live many years – it adds so much to your feeling of the community when people are warm and friendly! 

The Kare Bear Volunteers were so delightful – and made sure I knew who to call for what in the community.  What a great start to begin our life in Goodyear - to feel like we are part of a family here already! Thank you Kare Bears Volunteers - Marilyn and Ginny!!! We appreciated your warm Welcome to Pebble Creek Golf Resort!!!

Story on Working at Cancer Screeing
Carol Taylor

On Saturday, April 22, I volunteered with Kare Bears for the Skin Cancer Screening event. After setting up the table and getting things organized for the first appointments, I started thinking about my skin. I have had a small spot on my leg since at least last Aug.  When I  went to my dermatologist in Sept., she said it was nothing to worry about, just a sore that hasn't healed.  It had not gotten any better, in fact a little larger (about the size of a dime) so when I met Dr. Robert West on April 22, he said he would look at the spot.  After filling out the paperwork, he did his magical examination with those strong, magnifying type glasses and determined that it looked suspicious and I should have it looked at by a dermatologist. 

I made an appointment and a few weeks later at my dermatologist, I requested that she look at it again and at that time she said they would send a sample in to see if it was cancerous.  Two weeks later, the pathologist called and said the spot was a basil cell carcinoma and would need to be removed by my dermatologist.  So, on Friday, May 19th, I had the spot removed which included 3 inside stitches and 5 outside stitches which measures about two inches on my leg.  I will get the outside stitches out in 12 days. I will have a scar, but that's better than cancer.

Thanks to Kare Bears for having the screening and Dr. West for suggesting that I definitely have another look at the spot.

Kare Bears Helps with Rides
Diane SantaLucia

I recently had major back surgery and because of circumstances I couldn't control I found myself in need of rides to PT. We are so fortunate to have Kate Bears in our community! They were able to get me rides for the days I needed. I can't thank Kare Bears enough and am passing this along to let everyone know what a wonderful service they provide this community . We are so lucky here in PebbleCreek!

An Educational Presentation
Jim & Ann Sulzer

My husband and I attended the Kare Bear CPR course on April 29th at the TF Ballroom. It was very interesting and educational. We learned so much and of course feel more comfortable in case we have an emergency incident we can now understand and help with. I for one needed a refresher course because the last time I had taken a CPR course was when our first Grandson was born which is now 21 years ago.

The two gentlemen that instructed our class were very good. They demonstrated on adults and also children for what to do in case of someone needing CPR. We then had hands on to do CPR ourselves. I know we will be able to make a difference in case we were ever in a situation were we could help.

Thank you very much Kare Bears for giving us the opportunity to attend this class right here in our own neighborhood.

Praise for Kare Bears Drivers
Ken Kurtz

Just a short note to sing the praises of our wonderful Kare Bear drivers. As a homeowner you are automatically a member of Kare Bears. There are many programs that the organization runs but one of the most rewarding ones is the Driver Program. This is where you get a chance to drive a PebbleCreek neighbor to the doctor or another medical appointment. As a former driver, it was truly a wonderful experience knowing that I could assist someone in need just by driving. You never know when you might need that same wonderful service. Now that I cannot drive anymore this service is a Godsend for me. Without it yes, it would cost me more to get to appointments but the worst part would be not meeting the wonderful drivers that give of their time and effort to help complete strangers. It is a win-win situation no matter what side you are on.

Former driver and now a rider.

The "Burden Bear"
Marsha Schneider

Thank you to the Kare Bear team for the “Burden Bear”.  It made my day. 

If anyone out there is new to PebbleCreek or those of you who do not know about Kare Bears, look them up. It’s a great group of caring people who have banded together to offer a valuable and useful service to the community.

A Burden Bear is a gift brought by a Kare Bears Coordinator to someone who has had a medical problem. The bear has a a blanket along with a note of encouragement to overcome the "burden"

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
Y. M.

I appreciate all you do for the volunteers.  This morning breakfast and celebration that all dedicated to us was phenomenal!! Wow!  The decorations were beautiful, the food was delicious and the entertainment superb! 

I am so happy that Tom recruited me and although I don’t get to put that many hours at the KB House, because I still work full-time, but I feel lucky to be part of the KB family and it is a good feeling when you all think about the work that we do.  Seldom, you get to be recognized when you happen to hold an executive position, but personally, I want to let you know that I appreciate what you do and the time you invest for the PC residents and us.  Thanks, for the wonderful morning, you gave us today.