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Option 1: Scroll through the entire list below. To scroll further than the initial list shows, use the right and left arrows at the upper right of that display panel below (as shown in the example red box at the right)

Option 2: Search for a single Unit Number

1) Click on the word "Search" to the upper left inthe display panel below

2) A selection panel opens -  example shown at the right

3) In The "Unit" column of the display panel below:

   a) Position the drop-down selection to "Is" -:

     click the small gray arrow, then highlight "Is"

   b) Enter a Unit number (such as 01, 64, 42A) below that (Units 1 through 9 must have the lead zero entered.)

   c) Click the blue "Search" button

4) Coordinators for that Unit Number will display


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Example for Option 2, Search

A Unit Coordinator is the primary Kare Bears contact person in their Unit, although a large Unit may may have multiple coordinators. Their job is to facilitate residents' access to Kare Bears Services, as well as to each out to residents who may be in need of those services.

If there is no Coordinator listed for your unit or lot, please contact the Kare Bears house at 536-1200 for assistance. The staff will assign a Roving Coordinator (RC) who is willing to help a resident living anywhere in PebbleCreek.

Unit Coordinator listing

Example for Option 1