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February Presentation
Wednesday, February 27, 11 AM, TF Ballroom

Dr Rajeev Garg from Abrazo Hospital

Kare Bears Presents! will welcome  Dr. Gargas our guest presenter for "Heart Month".

Your heart works hard for you nonstop for your whole life. So show it some TLC.  Making small changes in your habits can make a real difference to your ticker. It’s like finding the fountain of youth, People who follow these steps not only live longer, but they also spend a lot more time healthy, without cardiovascular disease... Even if you improve just one or two improvements, you can make yourself less likely to get heart disease.

March Presentation
CORE Institute 
Wednesday, March 27 11 AM,
TF Ballroom

Kare Bears Presents welcomes Dr Robert M Cercek, MD and Dr Michael B Rose, MD as our March presenters.  These doctors will talk about updated procedures, Robotic (MAKO) joint replacement, partial and total knee replacement, hip, knee, shoulder and elbow pain.

Dr Michael B Rose specializes in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the shoulder, hip, elbow and knee.  His fellowship is with Steadman Hawkins Clinic – University of Colorado. His residency is with Oregon Health and Science University.  His other specialties are:  rotator cuff tears and repairs, fracture care, reparative medicine, featuring lipogems, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. 

Dr Robert M Cercek, specializes in primary & revision joint replacement surgery of the hip & knee.  His fellowship is at the CORE Institute, residency at Tulane University School of medicine. Medical school at Wayne State University.  Dr Cerceks’ other specialties are – Robotic (MAKO) joint replacement, hip replacement, joint replacement infections, hip abductor tendon repair, arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis. 

Hearing about all the new technology is exciting to learn – as sometimes this creates less down time, easier recovery which is so much easier on the patient!  Out of all of the industries that technology plays a crucial role in, healthcare is definitely one of the most important. This merger is responsible for improving and saving countless lives all around the world. Medical technology is a broad field where innovation plays a crucial role in sustaining health.

Annual Spring Fling
Wednesday, April 10

April Presentation
Laurie Fox “ Banner Alzheimer Institute – Memory Trainer”
Wednesday, April 24 11 AM, EN Ballroom