Comprehensive Wellness Assessments

April 18 and 19 -  8 AM to 4 PM by appointment

Added dates: May 21, 22, 23 - 8 AM to 4 PM by appointment

Because we are committed to your health, we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Wellspring to provide on-site Comprehensive Wellness Assessments that include:

v  Allergy Testing (62 panel comprehensive test)
v  Audiometry (hearing test) that detects early hearing loss so that it can be addressed
v  Body Composition Assessment (to help detect and prevent a multitude of health issues)
v  Diabetes Screening that detects both pre-diabetes and diabetes
v  Heart Health Study that accurately assess multiple heart functions
v  Lab Service that covers regular lab tests that predict early disease indicators
v  Pulmonary Function Testing that helps in the detection of certain lung disorders
v  Vision Screening that quickly and accurately detects vision issues
v  Imaging and Ultrasound that visualizes images of all the major organs
v  Dermatology Screen looks over your skin for any possible abnormalities

Visit Wellspring's Comprehensive Wellness Assessment website: for more information.

How much will this cost?
There will be a $0 Co-pay with all testing covered by your health insurance. You will receive a coupon with your care package with program details.

When and where will it be?
The dates for the Comprehensive Wellness Assessment will be from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on our premises in their Mobile Unit in the parking lot between the Sales Office and TF restaurant..

What do you need to do?
Sign up for your Comprehensive Wellness Assessment by contacting Wellspring at 480-664-3840 or by email to Wellspring will be contacting you to get insurance information and let you know that it is covered and provide your appointment time.

Hearing Tests

Friday, May 11, 10 AM to Noon - TF Capri Room

Hearing tests will be given in 10 minute increments with a maximum of approximately 12 slots available. When you sign up, you will be able to sign up for the “time” you would like to have the test.  

A sign up sheet is  in the Kare Bears folder at the Community Information Mailbox across from the Eagle’s Nest Pro Shop.

 If you have questions, please call the Kare Bears House at 623-536-1200.

May Monthly Presentation - More on Skin Care

Wednesday, May 23, 11 AM, EN Ballroom

Our doctor for May is from Abrazo and will speaking about skin care, dangers of the sun and Skin Cancer  possibilities. Our hot AZ sun creates so many concerns for our skin....learn about them and how to take care of your skin!!

April Monthly Presentation - Improve Your Memory

Wednesday, April 25, 11 AM, EN Ballroom

Memory Trainer Laurie Fox returns to share tips and techniques to improve and exercise your memory.

Memory, or the lack of it, affects our lives in small and big ways. Whether in everyday concerns, or when dealing with Alzheimer/dementia -  it becomes frustrating in our everyday life to accept that we just cannot remember things like we used to. Take this opportunity to learn about improving this vital skill.

CPR /AED Training

Friday, April 27, 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM, EN Palm Room

The CPR/AED training (resuscitation and automated external defibrillation) provides valuable  hands-on instruction. The class provides instruction in the use of life-saving equipment and techniques to prolong life until emergency help arrives.  

The cost is $30, payable on the day of the class by cash or check made out to “AZ Pro CPR & First Aid, LLC” at the beginning of the class. 

The American Heart Association estimates that 100,000 to 200,000 lives could be saved each year if CPR was performed early enough.   Sign-up sheets are located in the hallway opposite the Eagle’s Nest Pro Shop.

Why not stop by there today and get registered?   Questions? Contact Hilary Coltman at 760-567-4215.  


AARP Safe Driving Class

Thursday, June 7, 8:30AM to 12:30PM - TF Capri Room

Cost for AARP members is $15 and for non-members the cost is $20.  Checks for the class should be made payable to AARP.

Safety techniques and driving principles will be explained in the class.  Some auto insurers do give a discount upon completion of the class, so please check with your insurance carriers.  It is well worth the time and cost.  A certificate of completion will be distributed at the end of class. 

A sign up sheet is in the Kare Bears folder at the Community Information Mailbox across from the Eagle’s Nest Pro Shop.

Any questions, please call the Kare Bears house at 623-536-1200.

PebbleCreek Kare Bears

Skin Care Presentation by the Red Door Spa

Friday, May 11, 11:00 to Noon, TF Chianti Room

We have invited the "Red Door Spa" to do a presentation on Skin care - just in time for Mother's Day!!
There will be a gift basket drawing, samples from Red Door Spa.. ....a great relaxing morning for our PC Residents. Seating is Limited ........Notices for sign up will be posted soon.

Skin Cancer Screening

Monday, May 7, 8 AM to 2:40 PM - date added

Tuesday, May 8, 8 AM to 2:40 PM - date added

It is free and will be held in a mobile van at Eagles Nest parking lot across from the Activities Office

There will be appointments for 3 people per hour starting at 08:00 with last appointment at 2:40. If you are interested the sign up sheets will are at  EN across from the Pro Shop, as usual, tomorrow after noon. DO NOT SIGN UP and no show. It hurts your fellow residents.

Blood Drive

Tuesday, June 12, 8 AM to Noon - EN Palm Room

The sign up sheet is at the at the Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse across from the Pro Shop.   Appointments are scheduled every 15 minutes starting at 8:00 A.M until 12:00 P.M.  Two appointments can be scheduled at the same time.  If you would rather sign up at home on your computer, there is an instruction sheet explaining this process.

We want to encourage you to sign up on the computer to streamline the process on June 12th.

Go to or click on the website below to sign up for your blood donation appointment. Please note you need either the zip code which is 85395 or you can use the Sponsor Code: PebbleCreek. If anyone has any questions or concerns with signing up for this blood drive please call me or email me. Crystal Sykes at 520-820-1258

If you tend to have low hemoglobin (enough to live but not to donate!!)  eat tuna, grapes, raisins, or liver and drink red wine (if you enjoy!!) the NIGHT BEFORE.  It doesn't work to do that for lunch and then donate.

Blood Donation Reminders on the Day of  the Drive:

1)   Hydrate & eat a meal prior to your donation, even better start hydrating the day before.
2)   Bring ID with you (UBS Donor Card, Driver’s License work well)
3)   Make sure you are free of any cold or flu symptoms.
4)   Have medication list available if needed.
5)   Wear a top with loose-fitting sleeves (preferably short sleeves) so that we can check blood pressure and locate the best vein to use to collect your blood.
6)   Bring a list of all countries (and cities/areas you have visited (with dates) in the past 12 months and do the same for all European countries you have visited since 1980.
7)   You must weigh at least 110 pounds.
8)   Waiting period between donations is 56 days for whole blood, 112 days for Double Red Cell Donations.

Did YOU KNOW,  YOU can SAVE THREE LIVES just by donating your blood and it will only take 1/2 hour out of your day.  In addition, your body produces healthier red cells after a donation: red cells carry oxygen to your vital organs.  The blood supply at Valley Hospitals is in need of constant replenishing.  

Also, if you are taking prescription medications, 95% of them are fine and will not prevent you from donating blood.  Some examples of acceptable meds are: insulin, blood pressure, cholesterol, anti-depressants, thyroid, allergy and aspirin.

If you have any questions, please contact the Kare Bears House at 536-1200.