PebbleCreek Kare Bears

Volunteers are the life-blood of Kare Bears. All of our services and administration are provided by volunteer PebbleCreek neighbors.  There is a job for everyone.  We have over 8,000 residents here in PebbleCreek and are growing every day. We would love to have YOU join the group of wonderful volunteers who help make the Kare Bears organization so fantastic.

Follow the "drop-down" option on the menu at the left under "Volunteer" to fill out our Volunteer interest form.

Here are some of the many volunteer opportunities:

Kare Bears Coordinator
Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours per month (varies according to resident needs)
This is a great way to meet your neighbors!  If you can volunteer 2 or more hours a month, you might want to consider being a Kare Bears Coordinator.  They are the Kare Bears contacts for each unit.  There are several coordinators in each unit depending on its size.  When someone is ill, recuperating or grieving, the coordinator contacts the resident to offer assistance assist from Kare Bears. The Coordinator can also be a contact for residents to request services.

Kare Bears House Office Work
Estimated time commitment: Office shifts are 3 hours per month (or more if you wish)
Office volunteers staff the desks at Kare Bears House.  They answer phone calls and greet visitors, who wish to borrow medical equipment, or arrange transportation or other services. The volunteer also schedules transportation drivers as needed.
Transportation Driver
Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours per month (or more if you wish)
These volunteers use their own vehicles to transport residents to medical or therapy appointments. Kare Bears reimburses the driver for the gasoline costs on a per-mile basis.

Special Volunteers
Estimated time commitment: varies, but typically 1-3 hours per month
These volunteer take responsibility for a single specific task in the organization. - perhaps small, but nonetheless important. Look at the Special Volunteers page to see some of the types of tasks currently done.  Fill a vacancy, offer to assist, or create a new task using your special skills. 

Other Important Jobs
Estimated time commitment: varies, but typically 1-3 hours per month
Visiting, baking, making calls, assembling gifts, greeting at monthly meeting or working on special projects or annual events - these are all jobs that are vital to Kare Bears but usually don't involve a fixed schedule. You will see a number of categories on the Volunteer Form

Kare Bears Board of Directors
Estimated time commitment: well honestly, its often a whole lot!
Directors are elected annually, so once you have served "in the ranks" there are always opportunities to step up if you wish to get involved even more.