After completing an extensive, confidential application with the City, volunteers with the City of Goodyear - including Social Workers, Police, etc. - will periodically call and check on these individuals to see if they have any special needs since the last time they were contacted.  If no one answers, a volunteer police person will be sent to check on the individual. Resources of the Arizona Area on Aging will also be available to participants.

Remember, this is a City of Goodyear program, not by Kare Bears; although Kare Bears welcomes and supports this service, which is beyond our scope.

Application forms are available at Kare Bears House for you to complete and send to the City.  Or you can  get full information and forms at the City of Goodyear YANA web page 

Kare Bears would like you to be aware of a program from the City of Goodyear called YANA - 'You Are Not Alone'. This is a voluntary program for Goodyear residents who are in poor health and/or live with no family close by, to receive periodic "check-up" calls from City volunteers.


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