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‚ÄčKare Bears is an organization of PebbleCreek volunteers concerned about the welfare of their neighbors within the community.  The primary purpose of this organization is to assist and support residents who are ill or recuperating from illness, surgery or hospitalization. Everyone who lives in PebbleCreek is a member of Kare Bears! 

SUMMER are in effect at Kare Bears House

         9 AM to Noon    Monday through Friday
         9 AM to Noon    Saturdays
                    Closed    Sundays

Pain Management presentation & Annual Meeting
Wednesday, June 27, 11 AM
EN Ballroom
UBS Blood Drive
Tuesday, August 14, 8 to Noon
EN Palm Room


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Kare Bears Needs You!

Teri Sellers

Kare Bears is beginning an exciting era. Computerization for everything Kare Bears is in the works and within the next few months you will be able to see dramatic ways that Kare Bears can reach out and connect with all the residents in PebbleCreek.

Kare Bears is happy to announce the current 1st Vice President is stepping into the role of President-Elect for the upcoming term beginning this June. She will be replacing Teri Sellers who is stepping down due to personal and family issues.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic and talented residents for some openings on the Kare Bears Board. Volunteering for an organization like Kare Bears is a wonderful way to give back to the community.

Health and Wellness: this board member coordinates our healthcare related events including

Contact the Nominating Committee Chair, Ronni Stalker at 515-321-0323 or by email at

Signup books for classes are at the Eagles Nest Community Information near the Pro Shop

Visit the Upcoming Events page for more details on all these programs